Tenna Dipper

The 4 States QRP Group has an outstanding kit in the Tenna Dipper designed by Steve Webber. It is a low power antenna analyzer and antenna tuner tuning aid. It enables you to determine the 50 ohm resonant frequency of your antenna or you can use it to set your antenna tuner for a 50 ohm match, and all without sending a signal out on the air or taking a chance on a mismatched antenna damaging your finals.

Hundreds of these kits have been sold, and the guys love them. They are perfect for taking out in the field for portable operation, especially when you don't want to take your $200 antenna analyzer. The frequency coverage is 2.5 to 30 MHz. in 2 ranges with 4 presettable bands. The kit is complete, and is perfect for mounting in an Altoids tin, the qrp builders test cabinet of choice.

The best thing is the price!! The cost is only $25, postpaid ($29 to DX and Canada). The kit is easy to build and get running, and I highly recommend it. I built one of the first ones, and use it all the time. Gene Sailsbury does the kitting and shipping for the 4 States Club, and he is fantastic. He will respond promptly to your order, and kits are kept in stock for immediate mailing upon receipt of the order. A first class kit, from a first class group, and the profits all go towards supporting Ozarkcon, the QRP Forum for the Midwest.

To order, all that you have to do is click on the order button below.

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