This is an inline power and SWR meter, designed for HF. It is capable of measuring power level from 0.1W to 9.9W. LCD displays the power and SWR, and analog meter indicates the reflected power.

There are four modes of LCD display:

Mode 1 indicates forward power, reflected power and SWR in numerical value.

Mode 2 indicates forward power and reflected power in bar-graph.

Mode 3 indicates peak envelope power for sideband. Note that the peak detection is performed in software.

Mode 4 indicates forward power and SWR in morse code for visually challenged hams.

An analog meter indicates the reflected power. It has much faster response than digital display. It's very useful for tunning the match box.


Frequency: 160m to 10m (useful to 6m with reduced accuracy)
Power: 0.1 watt to 9.9 watts
Accuracy: within +/- 10% for 0.5W to 9.9W
Insertion loss: 0.1dB typical
Power: 9V battery, less than 20mA
Size: 4 1/4"W X 3"H X 4 1/8"D
Connection: BNC

The kit uses through-hole components and is designed by Bob Okas, W3CD, and Song Kang, WA6AYQ.

Manuals and Supporting Files

 NorCal Power Meter Assembly & Operating Manual (ver 1D)


The pictures for diodes in the manual (version 1C) are incorrect. Please observe orientation on the board for proper placement.

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