The NorCal Dummy Load is the perfect kit to use to train yourself to work with surface mount parts. It is cheap, and has lots of similar operations so you can really get the hang of working with surface mount parts. We hear comments all the time from people who have never worked with surface mount parts that it is a lot easier than they thought it would be, and some even prefer smt to through hole parts. Plus, when you finish the kit, you have a neat QRP Dummy Load for your shack that you can be proud to own and show off to your friends at the next club meeting. Take a look at the manual here on the site, and see for yourself how easy it is to work with SMT parts. If you have held off buying some of the new kits with SMT parts, now you can try it for a very small investment. The kit includes 44 smt resistors plus 5 or 6 extras, a .01 uF smt capacitor, a 1N5711 diode, and a board mounted bnc connector. Plus a NorCal quality pcb, that is silkscreened and soldermasked and through hole plated. Exactly what you have come to expect in a NorCal kit. And the manual is outstanding. Bob Okas, W3CD, who designed the kit for us has done a wonderful job with the manual, taking you through all the steps needed to be successful the first time!!

Supporting Files

 NorCal Dummy Load manual in PDF format

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