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2N2/XX Transceiver

Limited Run Kit

Please note that this is a limited run kit and when they are gone, they are gone. A total of 500 kits were produced - 200 on 20-meters, 100 on 30-meters, and 200 on 40-meters.

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2N2/XX Transceiver

The NorCal 2N2/XX series of transceivers are real, PN2222 based, QRP transceivers, available on 20, 30, or 40 meters. They are based on 10 years of prior K8IQY 2N2 designs using a "best practices" approach, since the first 2N2/40 was designed over 10 years ago.

This version of the design employs a PCB for building ease and predictable, consistent performance. Each kit comes complete with all parts, a painted and silkscreened case, and detailed assembly manual.

The all analog design results in very low noise, affording a sensitivity of 0.2 uV, or better, depending on the band. This rig features 6 poles of crystal filtering, a stable VFO with 100 KHz band coverage, (50 KHz on 30M), world class QSK keying, built in sidetone, and room filling audio.

A commercial quality PC Board is used, featuring thru hole construction with leaded parts, except the mixers which are large footprint SMT, commercial grade, level 7 devices.

The output transistor is rugged, self-insulating, and sufficient for 5-watts of output power, adjustable down to the milliwatt level.

2N2/XX Features

  • All discrete component, through-hole (except mixers) design.
  • Analog through-out; very low noise.
  • 100 KHz band coverage (50 KHz on 30-meters).
  • 10-turn potentiometer for tuning ease.
  • 500 Hz, 6-pole, non-ringing crystal filter.
  • "Thumpless" QSK keying.
  • Receiver Incremental Tuning (RIT).
  • 5-watt output on all bands.
2N2/XX Specifications

  • Sensitivity (MDS): > -120 dBm (-128 dBm on 20 meters, typical).
  • Opposite Sideband Rejection: > 80 dB.
  • IF Rejection: > 50 dB.
  • Image Rejection: > 70 dB.
  • Intermodulation Dynamic Range (IMDR): > 90 dB.
  • Input 3rd Order Intercept (IP3): > 8 dB.
  • Blocking Dynamic Range (BDR): > 105 dB.
  • Receive current ~ 180 milliamperes.
  • Transmit current ~ 800 milliamperes (5-watts output).
Manuals and Supporting Files

 NorCal 2N2/XX Assembly Manual in PDF format (06/09/2009)  

 VFO Retrofit Addendum in PDF format (12/15/2008)

 2N2/XX 20M Schematic (12/15/2008)

 2N2/XX 30M Schematic (12/15/2008)

 2N2/XX 40M Schematic (12/15/2008)

 2N2/XX All Bands BOM List  

 2N2/XX Review by WA6MER in PDF format

If you are having problems viewing the schematics using Internet Explorer, right click on the schematic link to download the file save it locally on your computer. Once saved you may view it with Picture Viewer, IrfanView (free program), or Paint. This problem only seems to occur using Internet Explorer and not FireFox.

Builder Comments

This little rig is amazing. I can scare up a qso no matter what condition the band is in. Was able to have many solid QSO's during the digital contest this weekend. The rcvr filter is sharp so I can squeeze in somewhere. And of course I am heard too. If you have not ordered one, do it soon! Really anxious to take it camping come spring!

Thanks for your design and your help. Its working. I just got my first long distance contact...WA to NJ with the 2N2 on 20.

This weekend I completed my 2N2/20 kit. I've been taking my time, and waited for you and the other experts to diagnose the early issues and send out the replacement parts before I started building. The kit went together with no problems. The modular step-by-step instructions were great. It was a pleasure to build and I learned a lot along the way.
73 de David AB9EI

Just a note to share my enthusiasm for new 2N240 on the air today for the first time. This rig really sings! I'm delighted with the very ample audio, frequency stability and smooth, replicable tuning. Counting the turns of the dial establishes the operating frequency very nicely.

The little "Blue Wonder" drifts around just a little when first powered up, but settles down quickly and even then, is never out of the reach of the R.I.T.

The filter bandwidth seems about perfect - fairly sharp but no ringing what-so-ever. The strong audio was a particularly pleasant surprise and drives a speaker easily. It's just what some of us "OFs" need to enjoy operating.

Many thanks to the very patient and generous help received from N0SM, N7XG and particularly K8IQY as well as the bandwidth afforded here on our Reflector.

Will be listening for you all on 40 meters. You'll hear the excitement in my fist. hi hi

Don WA3ZBJ/4

Builder Alerts

  • November 14, 2008 It has come to our attention that the 100pF cap(s) that were included in the kit are incorrect. Replacement NPO caps will be mailed to everyone who purchased a kit.
  • January 5, 2009 The MPSH10 transistors supplied in the kits were not up to specifications of the Motorola transistor. Replacement transistora will be mailed to everyone who purchased a kit.

Missing Parts

Before you start building please take an inventory and if you have discovered any missing parts please email us at: and we will send them to you. Please provide us with the part number (R1, R15, C22) and the value of the part.

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