The NorCal QRP Club is very pleased to be able to bring back one of our most popular kits, the VE3DNL Marker Generator. Glen Leinweber, VE3DNL, designed this for the QRP community several years ago. It was kitted for several years by the Fort Smith QRP Group, and then by NorCal. We retired it a couple of years ago, and since then have had several requests to bring it back. Since it is such an easy kit to build, and such a useful tool when you finish, we brought it back. This kit is ideal for the first time builder, and is featured in the "So you want to be a builder series" that was written by Doug Hendricks, KI6DS several years ago. The best thing about this kit though is the price!! $7.50 shipped in the US, $10.00 shipped DX. Yes, $7.50, and you get everything. All parts, a double sided, plated through pc board that is silkscreened and solder masked. Plus we even throw in the 9V connector. If you would like to take a look at the 10 page manual with step-by-step color pictures to help you build, press the manual download button. To order press the Paypal button below, or if you want to send us a check or money order in US funds only, see the address below.

Supporting Files

 Norcal QRP VE3DNL Marker Generator manual in PDF format

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